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ApplyShepherd Bushiri Investments Vacancies2018 , Do you wish to be part of the forth coming Latest Jobs and Recruitment Powered by Shepherd Bushiri Investments ?

Then this page will give you a straight guide on how to Apply and Register for the Shepherd Bushiri Investments Vacancies , kindly follow the guide below to get started.Apply "Shepherd Bushiri Investments Vacancies" 2018

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Here are the areas to apply.


Travel and Aviation
for VIP’s and Presidents

Providing VIP air travel to Presidents, Executives and other VIP’s at Low Affordable rates.

Agriculture, Minerals & Oil

Agriculture, Minerals & Oil specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Agriculture, Minerals, Oil and Utilities in South Sudan .


A chain of prestigious 5 star hotels in New York City and California USA. Award winning Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa, is situated in the heart of the Magaliesburg Mountains, South Africa.

Mining, Manufacturing

Manufacturers are often in the business of balancing trade-offs: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customization and standardization.

Educational and Research

Providing ‎result oriented, first choice educational institutions in
South Africa, Southern African region and World-wide.

Mobile Telecommunications

One of SBI’s largest group of specialists providing cutting-edge mobile services specifically designed for PSB Network members.

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Anointing Finale LIVE: Salvation Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that I have been living a life of sin,
I know I have broken your laws and gone my own way, 
I come to you today to say that I am sorry,
I ask you to forgive me,
I ask you to come into my heart,
I ask you to accept me as your child,
Write my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life,
Change my life today, in Jesus’ mighty name.


Holy Spirit Baptism LIVE: You must be Bold!

“ I remember one day I woke up and told my parents I am starting a church.

They simply looked at each other and were amazed. I had this boldness, a sign that I have been baptized by the Hoy Spirit!”

– Major 1 Shares!

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  1. Iam Paul Mwale,Zamian citizen,fourty five yrs of age,married with six kids.Iam looking for employment as a driver in any section/department/company or in mining as sector as a blaster. Yours Regards.

  2. Am an apostle of God and o want to thank God the raising such men of God like prophet major an inspirational i love him and the great work he is doing to depopulating the kingdom of Satan and populating God’s kingdom no matter what people say they cannot stop what God has started.
    Stay blessed ECG
    Love u all.
    Apostle Simpasa Kennedy
    From ZAMBIA

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