Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Biography , AGE , Born , Instagram , Church , Ministry

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Biography , AGE , Born , Instagram , Church , Ministry

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Biography , AGE , Born , Instagram , Church , Ministry ,

AT THE age of six, Isaiah Sovi was referred to as a Bible encyclopedia because he had memorised more than 100 verses in the Bible and recited them at home or at church.

Today, it is not surprising to many who grew up with him in Kitwe that he is a man of the cloth and called to the prophetic ministry.Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Biography , AGE , Born , Instagram , Church , Ministry

 Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Biography

Mention his name, especially in his home town Kitwe, you are likely to rend public opinion right in the middle.

While some believe he is pompous, others who follow him believe he is a vibrant young man with a message that will transform lives.

However, Isaiah Sovi, born in the early 90s, named as Brian Kayombo Sovi describes himself as a goal getter, courageous, confident, bold, determined to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus and focused on creating young millionaires.

I am not just a prophet, but a business man, motivational speaker, a son, and brother to many though on a mission to make a difference in the world we live, he said.

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Age

A talk with the young clergyman reveals that he is humble, focused and beams with confidence in ensuring that his projects, including his church leaves foot prints on many people.

Isaiah is the Christian name he was given when he was young, but he started using it when he got into ministry.

Born in a family of four from Brian and Magdalene, Sovi completed grade twelve at Kitwe Boys secondary school in 2010.

Three years later, Sovi enrolled at Cavendish University to pursue a degree in law, but did not complete his studies, as he went into full time ministry.

 Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Born

I have always known since the age of seven that I was called to be a minister in the word of God, the Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision at the age of seven and by the time I was nine I was baptised, She said.

Even before baptism, Sovi had been reciting memory versus in church. From reciting memory versus, he began to speak to the church by preaching and as time went on with more revelation he started prophesying.

While his age mates read Mills and Boon and Peter Pan books, his novel was the bible, parts of which he memorised.

At the moment Sovi is pastoring Imperial City Church, a church he founded based in South Africa and has branches in Nairobi, Kenya and soon in Malaysia.

His church focuses on revealing Christ, communicating the knowledge and wisdom of God, the reason it is called imperial. Showing people and making them realise that they need to live a Kingdom life.

He is also a businessman, author of a book “ Biblical guide to forex. The book talks about how one can trade in forex , how to watch forex market and is based on Ecclesiastes 11: 1 “ Invest your money in foreign trade, and one of these days you will make a profit.

 Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Church

Sovi also runs a company called IBS financial services which trains people to learn about forex, and gives guidance on how to start business and sustain it.

Apart from being the boss of IBS financial services, Sovi is a co-director in Mela cosmetics, specialised in hair products. A month ago, Mela cosmetics showcased hair product in New York.
I believe in making an impact in life.

I like challenging people with an attitude of not wanting to do anything. I have travelled widely to more than 20 cities and not because I come from a well-to-do family but I have worked hard.

 Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi Minstry

I will be travelling to the United States, Canada and Malaysia because I am determined to achieve my goals, and make connections that will help me take my ministry and business to greater heights, Sovi said.

As a spiritual leader, Sovi wants to break the stereotype that clergymen cannot make it in business. He believes when the Bible said that in the book of Isaiah that government shall be on their shoulders means that Christians, including men of God have a role to play in every sphere of life.

To help increase the number of young people, especially Christians in business, Sovi is part of the youth empowerment programme called One Thousand Millionaires.

The youth empowerment programme being run in South Africa imparts youths with business skills and connects them to established companies where youths can explore their careers. The programme will soon be introduced in Zambia.

He urged youths to believe in themselves. There is no one who cannot do anything. All the youth need is to dedicate themselves to achieve what they are born to do.

Passionate about girls well-being – Sovi said usually tell youths not to focus on relationships that do not add value to their lives.

Its high time youths focused on value adding relationships that can bring income in their lives, connections that can give them advancement in school, career or business.
He said if only girls can wake up and say no to early marriages, sexual abuse and early pregnancies, all the victimisation would be over.

Sovi who sees himself in the United Nations one day discussing issues that matter to make the world a better place in the business world, is influenced by people like by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who believed in what he could do, Virgin Airline boss Sir Richard Branson and Aliko Dangote, a household name in Africa.

He wants Sovi to be a household name one day.
Spiritually, Sovi is inspired by Spirit Embassy church founder Urbert Angel, who is his mentor and spiritual father.

Prophet Urbert is exactly what I want in ministry, successful businessman and a prophet who understands both worlds.


REPUTATION is what people know of you and CHARACTER is what God knows of you.Fortunately God anoints character.. if your character is bad no matter how anointed you may be you will fail! Saul and David were anointed by the SAME PROPHET Samuel.. yet on the battle field it was DAVID who killed Goliath and not SAUL! We can have the SAME anointing and yet have DIFFERENT RESULTS because we have DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. What did God say about David..he was after Gods own heart! That was his character..he sought God in times of trouble.. and Saul? Well he thought the battle was his..took matters in his own hands and lost favor with God. Meaning a person who fights Gods battles is bound to fail.. surrender to him.

Do you have a good character?

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