Prophet Alph Lukau Whatsapp Number , Phone Number & Email ID

Prophet Alph Lukau Whatsapp Number , Phone Number & Email ID

 Prophet Alph Lukau Whatsapp Number & Email ID , Have you been wondering on how to get connected to Alph Lukau Via Whatsapp , we are going to keep you updated now , follow our guide below to get started.Prophet Alph Lukau Whatsapp Number , Phone Number & Email ID

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Prophet Alph Lukau

Whatsapp Number

Whatsapp Number

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Private Phone Number

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Telephone: Within South Africa: 011 443 5705
International: (+27) 11 443 5705
Prayer-Line:   (+27) 76 318 4777

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  1. Prophet Alph I have watched a few of Your videos and I know God is using you for real.
    I need a prayer request for my sister Lorna Atieno Owuor who is now in a rehabilitation for drinking alcohol and taking drugs may she be healed and Return back to work. My Brother Gordon Odalo living in Kisumu City in Kenya is also a drankard and abusing drugs may he be healed in Jeusus’s Name. My Brother Washington Owuor has not be able to get a job for many years he has started small business may God help him prosper and Select for him a good wife. My mother broke her heap bone she is in pain everyday may you heal her in Jesus’ Name.

  2. My name is Martha I live in Norway
    I need prayers for work, am not happy at work being misused doing a lot of work. My contract for 100% job will end on the 25th of June, 2018. I have permanent 73.33% work but I have been asking for 100% for the last 10 years which I haven’t gotten. People got employed after me have 100% but not me. Tomorrow we have a Meeting at 11.30 to 13.30 where they want me to do a lot of extra work without pay instead of increasing my percentage to 100% so that I get paid for the work done they dont want. Kindly pray for me to have Peace at work and be given 100% job. I need God’s interventation. God of Alph help me. I need prayers for my husband to be in good Health and stop drinking alcohol and my son to be obedient and stop having interest of playing games all the time. I want him to be the best in School. Amen

  3. Good after pastor am Andrea from jamaica… i have been watching u in u tube since may of the year n i know that ur a man of .. i am sking u to pray for me as i am not doing well in my body….i need healing. Please pray for me.

  4. Hello, my name is magdalena and i live in Suriname.Please..i have some prayerrequests.I,am now 58 years old and once i was married but my hubby died 5 years ago. Sinds than i,am looking for a good husband who is willing to serve the Lord. But i couldnt find any. I love Jesus and i want a better life for myself and family. I ask the Lord for enough money also to support the Evangelism. Please… glad to hear from you and may the Good Lord bless you a lot.

  5. Poster Alph am texting you from Jamaica poster i need you to touch my life in Jamaica i need a dilverance over my life and a financial break through may God bless you and your ministry i

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