Khutso Theledi Biography , AGE , Cars , Date Of Birth , Profile , Boyfriend

Khutso Theledi Biography , AGE , Cars , Date Of Birth , Profile , Boyfriend , According to Online Sources , Khutso Theledi is A YFM Radio Presenter|Host of #KrunchTillLunch Mon Fri 9AM-12PM |Event MC |Voice Over Artist | Motorsports Enthusiast|From MP to the airwavesKhutso Theledi Biography , AGE , Cars , Date Of Birth , Profile , Boyfriend

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5 Minutes Experience With Khutso Theledi , Read below

SHE’S well spoken, oozes confidence, and sure knows a thing or two about cars! YFM’s Khutso Theledi continues to soar in the male-dominated radio industry and has now being trusted with the famous weekly 12h00 -15h00 slot. We chat to her about her journey in radio, passion for cars, AND growing up in Mpumalanga.

When did your journey in radio begin?

It started during my first year at Boston Media House. The principal told me that they were looking for female voice over artists for their ads and that I fit the description. I did the voice over and it played on YFM and two days later Mo Flava called and asked me to come to Y with my demo – I couldn’t believe it… I came through and they told me that I’m starting the next day. I never planned to be on radio; I actually wanted to be an air hostess! The love really started when I joined the breakfast show – Flava In The Morning.

What do you love the most about being on radio?

It’s the best escape I could possibly have in a day; the three hours I spend on radio are the best. I love the fact that there’s always someone that’s listening to me. I grew up feeling like I wasn’t listened to a lot.

Congratulations on your new show. How are you finding the transition from a weekend slot to a weekly?

It’s been the biggest rush of my life. Every single day I get to speak behind that mic, I get very nervous because I’m not taking this slot for granted. It’s been challenging understanding the listener from a weekend show as opposed to a weekend one.

Please share with us some of your fondest memories about growing up in Mpumalanga?          

My family was there for me. I remember being teased and called names in primary school for having bad teeth. I thank my mother for sacrificing and getting me braces. That was the happiest day of my life. When people saw that I was doing something about it they stopped teasing me.

AND here did your passion for cars begin?

My mom was a car addict – every year she’d get a new car. But when my dad passed away he left behind his 325i Gusheshe. I was taken to school in that car every single day. We had a driver who taught me how to love the car and how to treat it and told me to never spin it. I was always fascinated by fast and luxurious cars; I’d always grown up around them.

Since your family driver told you to never spin cars, where did you learn to spin?

When I was still on Mo Flava’s show, a guy called Pule called in and asked Mo to come and join him to spin in Soweto. I tagged along and learnt how to spin that same day.

So, a good car collection is not complete without these three cars…

  1. 325i Gusheshe
  2. 450SL Mercedes Benz
  3. An Aston Martin Vanquish

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

I see myself on national radio, having my own television show, opening a spinning school for young black women and driving my dream car – the BMW M4.

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Khutso Theledi experiences Kiev

Last Friday, YFM lunch time star, Khutso Theledi took a big leap and went on her first international trip to experience the UEFA cup final, live, in Kiev.

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine, bisected by the Dnieper River and known for its religious architecture, secular monuments and history museums – all of which Theledi experienced during her short trip.

In a series of videos posted by Theledi, she gave fans an inside look into her trip, sharing her feelings at every step. Take a look:

 Her Journey To UEFA Champions league final 2018. , read below

Let me start by saying ” Pryvit – hello ”

The only word I knew and used throughout my experience🙈 Oooh and ” Dyakuyu – Thank you ” Ukrainian, is a great language to hear and a dizzy language to try read🙆 Дякую… Yip I told you😂
I embraced every single moment traveling out of S.A. for the first time. Ukraine is a beautiful country and Kiev, an extraordinary city with so much history, at some point, to be honest, I felt like I was in Cape Town.

The sun would set at 9:30PM and with that, the cold nights made me miss home a little. Waking up to beautiful sunny days, strong winds thou, was hoping my fav crop tops would save me but then again, Kiev curved me with those winds…damn it😂
Many times I attracted attention, like it was hectic where heads turned twice, wanting selfies, a young girl even stopped her WHOLE family just to look at me and said ” WOW ” 😂. It could have been my exotic look🤗 my awesome energy🙌 my smile😁maybe my great body 😂 Just kidding, but people of colour were non existent there, however, I found the locals to be very friendly and welcoming throughout my experience wanting to know more about S.A🇿🇦 From Right to Left-Hand driving, seeing The Motherland Monument, visiting the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Kiev River Port boat cruise and finally walking into the Ukrainian National Stadium also known as Kiev Olympic Stadium to witness Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 at the UEFA Champions league final 2018.
The atmosphere was insane and the highlight for me, was seeing Gareth Bale’s incredible bicycle-kick goal LIVE🙆 From never have I ever travelled out of South Africa🇿🇦 to #KhutsoXperiencesUkraine🇺🇦all thanx to Sony Xperia ♡ @SonyXperiaZa

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