Free PDF Download :- ECG Ministries (Prayer And Fasting Booklet) – Major 1

 Free PDF Download :- ECG Ministries (Prayer And Fasting Booklet) – Major 1

– Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (June 2018) Prayer And Fasting Booklet –

As I said during the first Sunday Service of this month, June 7 is a day we begin our two weeks of FASTING​. This is a very important moment for us, as a church, when we bring ourselves more closer to God’s presence to sharpen our spiritual focus.

FASTING is a process where you don’t just eat food. It is, most importantly, a time when a believer builds, and also renews, an intimate relationship with God.

During this time, you do not just talk to God on a personal level; but God, also, talks and touches you in a special way. Not only that. FASTING also establishes a covenant, a bond, between a believer and the Maker.

Further, FASTING gives you more understanding of who God is and what He can do because you replace physical food with the spiritual food which is the WORD of God. Your body gets supported by the Word–which is not just the voice of God; but also His revelation to you.

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