How To Buy Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Anointing Oil (Price)

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How To Buy Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Anointing Oil (Price) , Do you wish to buy the Miraculous Anointing Oil  by Major 1 by name Prophet Shepherd Bushiri , do you wish to know the price and how to stay connected.How To Buy Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Anointing Oil (Price)

 Facts And How To Buy Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Anointing Oil (Price)

GREAT NEWS for all followers of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries!

You can now purchase books written by the Prophet online. By just logging on to the Shepherd Bushiri Publications website, you will only be one click away from reading revelations that God has given Major 1.

Fortunate for you, the prayer petition for tomorrow’s service has also been made available for you.

Hurry now, spread the news and grab your own copy!

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Anointing Finale LIVE: Iscos power

Scripture Ref: 1 Corinthians 14:3-4

On your act of devotion as you are praying, you are energized, there are so many things that move when you are in prayer. You become energized by the Iscos power, not just any other power.

I guarantee you that after you leave here, you shall receive the Iscos anointing. The power in motion that will enable you to move things physically.

This power is obtained through prayer. You need the power to move things, to understand the complete meaning of anointing.

Once you catch this revelation and receive this knowledge that through the anointing you will gain strength to do things, you will begin to move everything by the power in motion.

-Major 1

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