2018 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 14 Days Prayer & Fasting , Theme , Prayer Points

2018 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 14 Days Prayer & Fasting , Theme , Prayer Points

2018 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 14 Days Prayer & Fasting , Theme , Prayer Points , As I said during the first Sunday Service of this month, June 7 is a day we begin our two weeks of FASTING​.2018 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri 14 Days Prayer & Fasting , Theme , Prayer Points

This is a very important moment for us, as a church, when we bring ourselves more closer to God’s presence to sharpen our spiritual focus.

FASTING is a process where you don’t just eat food. It is, most importantly, a time when a believer builds, and also renews, an intimate relationship with God.

During this time, you do not just talk to God on a personal level; but God, also, talks and touches you in a special way. Not only that. FASTING also establishes a covenant, a bond, between a believer and the Maker.

Further, FASTING gives you more understanding of who God is and what He can do because you replace physical food with the spiritual food which is the WORD of God. Your body gets supported by the Word–which is not just the voice of God; but also His revelation to you.

Besides that, FASTING strengthens and increases your level of faith in God because you spend more time in the WORD. Through that, you begin to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. In the process, FASTING brings speed to your petitions and prayers.

Brethren, during this time, I expect you to spend more in the WORD. It can either be in form group Bible Studies, listening or watching to different teachings, having your eyes and ears to gospel music, praise and worshiping–just everything that bring your life to God.

I, therefore, urge all ECG members in all our branches worldwide to be part of this important moment in our spiritual life.


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Day 1: Prayer and Fasting – Praying for Impossibilities

The greatest attribute about God is the fact that He is able to operate well above the restrictions and limitations of this world. No matter how unreachable or inconceivable something may seem in the physical, with God, nothing is impossible. He is the One who has limitless power, who has never – and will never – meet an intimidating obstacle that He cannot overcome, an aggressive enemy He cannot overwhelm, a final decision He cannot override, or a powerful person He cannot overshadow.

In the book of Acts, we are told of a story where the Apostle Peter was imprisoned by King Herod. This was only moments after He had also imprisoned Peter’s brother James, who was then sentenced to death later on. Herod thought that by killing James, he automatically had the power to also kill Peter, but this was not so.

The Bible tells us that as he was in the prison, the church began to intercept prayer on behalf of Peter.

“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him…” (Acts 12:5 NIV)

And as they continued to pray, something miraculous took place. “Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Quick, get up!” he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.” (Acts 12:7)

In the physical, no one could have imagined that Peter would have escaped the prison. It is humanly impossible to escape such a cage and yet, God proved to all that there is something rewarding that can take place when the church can gather to earnestly pray for a definite cause. God is able to make impossible situations possible when men and women unify in His name to pray and offer supplication unto the Him.

As you start this journey of prayer and fasting, I want you to begin to believe God for impossible things to take place in your life. With Him and through Him the sky is but the limit.

Just look at Abraham, all he ever required from the Lord was one child and when God decided to bless him, He gave him “nations” instead. God always goes above and beyond your wildest dreams. He is the God of Impossibilities.



Dear Lord, I thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for the opportunity to be able to worship You and enter Your gates with thanksgiving. Today as I Pray, I believe that You will hear and answer me according to Your will and purpose for my life. I believe that You are a God that can change my story and turn every impossible situation to be possible. I know that nothing is too hard for You. Do it for me today God of Major 1, in Jesus name. Amen.

Morning Declarations:

1. I decree and declare, oh God, touch me by Your power. Let my life begin to testify to Your miracle working ability. I receive my house, car, promotion, marriage, healing and deliverance this year, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!

2. As I raise my hands to pray, I declare that every limitation in my life is broken. What was holding me and my family back from progressing is broken now, in Jesus name!

3. I command every anti-progress spirit to come out of my life right now, by the fire of the Holy Ghost!

Holy Spirit Baptism LIVE: Blessed shalom!

What a wonderful Sunday Service we have had here at ECG Pretoria. Today as instructed in the Bible that” let the little children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to such” we have witnessed our young children being dedicated to God. Our father Major 1 decreed a word over the lives of our young ones. He prayed for their good upbringing and for them to grow in the ways of the Lord.

Many received the Holy Ghost Baptism. As our Comforter,our guide we recieve Him. We have been baptised of water ,baptism in the name of the Lord. Baptism of fire as well. This is where we begin to experience the extraordinary. Where the enemy had said you won’t make it, where the enemy had set failures- you will see success, and prosperity. We have the Holy Spirit in us!

The fire in you has been activated and you will do extraordinary things; you will go far. You will go beyond human logic because you are not ordinary. You now have the passion and thirst for the things of God. You have acquired boldness, you are now fearless and courageous.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper because of the fire. After today you will begin to move ,think, eat ,walk and do your daily duties with understanding and knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s role in your everyday life. You will rebuke every evil thought the enemy brings in your mind because the Holy Spirit in you guides and leads you.

God of Major 1 who is never short of mind boggling miracles, who always leaves us wanting to seek Him more and more, let Him be with you and increase you.

Join me tomorrow on our scheduled Diplomatic Service. Remain connected to remain protected. I love you. Shalom!

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  1. I want to take this opportunity to ask God in my fasting and prayer that I need a breakthrough in my finances ,micracle job and family divine and I have a strong believe that everything shall came to pass…

  2. Man of God, I have been finding it difficult to settle down with a woman of my choice although the more I get to her to explain my motives the greater chances of loosing her the a very long period of time till I get to ask for her forgiveness and this woman have been revealed to me since 2013 that she’s my wife. We attended same university and same discipline in University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria and graduated in 2008.Today she’s currently running her PhD in Lancaster University London and will soon come back to Nigeria.Am looking for a means to hook up with my PhD program this year by God’s grace.Major 1 the Lady is by name Angela Chidinma Onyeri and am Ezulike Felix Obinna. I love Angela and have decided that if its not her, no other woman for marriage in my entire life. Man of kindly pray for our union.
    Another one is that am looking for appointment/employment in oil companies or as a lecturer in Federal or state universities,connect me to my dream jobs Baba
    The last but not the least is Financial breakthrough and open doors,in general terms divine connection. Presently my account is #15,100 and am looking for a bride, no house or apartment of my own and no means of movement and I packed many degrees and certification. Deliver me Man of God….,”Please do not publish my name because of the bride and family in case if they comes to know,it will be another problem “.

  3. My Prophet Major 1, I love your teachings and the Grace which is upon u. When I listen to your teachings & declarations I really see God in you.
    U are really the sharpest Prophet of our generation. May God continue to bless u & your family for u are a blessing to us your followers. May yo God please open my life as well in Jesus’ Name.

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